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You’re invited to participate in WellSprings, which are small-group conversations about big topics, hosted by Spring Health. Each WellSprings conversation is thoughtfully designed to cultivate curiosity, connection and support around topics related to mental health. 

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Connect, heal, and thrive. Together.

WellSprings are a new kind of conversation, thoughtfully designed for groups to cultivate curiosity, connection and support around topical mental health stressors. 

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What is a WellSprings?

Every WellSpring is a group conversation on a core topic, hosted by a mental health provider with expertise in that subject. A specially trained WellSprings team member will also be there to facilitate operations and to help answer questions related to your Spring Health membership.

WellSprings sessions are 45 minutes long. We limit them to approximately 20 participants to facilitate stronger connections and more intimate conversations. If you see one that interests you, reserve your spot. They are interactive, intentional, and inclusive.

  1. Your clinical guide will introduce themself and share some background on the session topic.
  2. They’ll provide prompts and key questions to facilitate open discussion among the group.
  3. The provider will close the session by summarizing key takeaways and giving the group an opportunity to reflect. They’ll also make sure you know about additional support available to you.

To preserve your privacy, sessions will not be recorded. Personal information will not be shared with your employer or health plan and will remain anonymous outside of the session.

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Where connection happens, change happens.

Community Guidelines
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